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Read Before You Leave: How to Get Info on O’Hare Departures and How to Entertain, Waiting For A Flight

Are you afraid of plane flights? According to statistics, 25% of people are scared of flights. But the US National Transportation Safety Committee has counted, that the chance to be killed in a car accident is 1 to 5,000, while the chance to be killed during the air crash is just 1 to 11 million.

In any case, you can be sure, Chicago O’Hare Airport personnel put 100% of efforts to make your flight pleasant and safe.

We have already shared with you interesting facts on Chicago O’Hare Airport and told in detail about O’Hare Arrivals. But what’s about O’Hare departures?

You may think, that this topic is too simple and there’s nothing to talk about it. Give us two minutes to reassure you!


Detailed Info On Chicago O’Hare Departures today

No need to say, that the info on departures from O’Hare Airport is one of the most important for the traveler. Before the plane departure you should pass the registration, that’s why it’s necessary to come to the airport one-two hours earlier before the flight.

It’s not hard to find O’Hare departure schedule nowadays – you can see it on all terminals and online – using your laptop, tablet or phone.

To understand the information on O’Hare flight departures is quite easy for experienced travelers. But if you are the beginner, we are ready to help.

The information board with plane departures is divided into six columns. The first column is titled “Destination”. In this column you’ll find the name of the city, where the plane is supposed to come.

Lots of flights are held at Chicago O’Hare every day. The planes from here come to Mexico City, Tokyo, Miami, Istanbul and many other places all over the globe. So, to find the data on airport O’Hare departures, first of all find the place of its destination.

The next column is titled “Airlines”. ORD airport is incredibly huge. It is used as a hub for numerous airlines – and very often several transport companies send their planes to the same place of destination simultaneously.

To be sure, that you’ve found info on O’Hare flight departures precisely, look at the Airline name. ORD airport is served by Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines, American Airlines etc. Find the name of your airline on the board.

The third column is “flight”. Here you should find the number of your flight. Look at the number of your flight on the ticket and then find it on the board. O’Hare departures schedule is very tough. Planes leave the airport every 10 minutes.

In the fourth column you’ll find the time of the departure. If you were lucky to pass the registration quickly, you may have some extra minutes or even an hour now.

What should I do, while waiting for Chicago departure?

Probably, you’ll be bored, waiting for a flight at any other airport in the world, but not in Chicago O’Hare. Here you can find lots of interesting activities, which will help you to entertain, while waiting for ORD flight departures.

But before you go to a shop or a café (below we will tell you about these venues in detail), be sure to check Chicago O’Hare departure gates.

The airport in Chicago is one of the greatest in the world. There are lots of gates here, which lead the passengers to the airfield. Be attentive and find the right number of the gate in advance – to be in time, when the boarding begins.

After that get ready to enjoy!

How Can I Entertain at O’Hare Before The Departure?

Each year the amount of travelers, who choose planes as the main transport to get somewhere, increases. Businessmen, movie stars and vacationers fly to different parts of our planet, and that means they spend lots of time in the airport.

ORD flight departures take place very often, but some passengers spend in terminals long hours. Some of them stay in O’Hare between connecting flights, the others have to wait because of delayed flight departure – if the weather conditions got worse.

Sometimes passengers have plenty of time between the departure of their plane and leaving the hotel room. Very often check outs at Chicago hotels are at 11 am or so, and the plane departure at O’Hare is at 8-9 pm.

In this case you can take your luggage to ORD airport and leave it in deposit. By the way, they start luggage check 4 hours before the departure. So in this case deposit is not necessary – just leave your lug and have some rest in the city.

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But if you have to wait in the airport, here are ideas, which will help you! Have a great time, looking forward to Chicago O’Hare departures, doing the following.

1) Read a book

This kind of entertainment is as old as the hills, nevertheless many people use the time before the departure, reading books – both, paper and electronic. Why not, if you are a busy person and have no time to read because of numerous meetings, business negotiations and home duties?

If according to O’Hare departure schedule, you have some extra minutes or hours, simply take an interesting book and start one more trip – through its pages.

2) Visit Duty Free

The other traditional way to spend the time before Chicago departure is to visit duty free shops.

As you know, O’Hare is divided into 5 terminals. Four terminals are supposed for passengers of internal flights and the fifth is for flights abroad. Each terminal has duty free shops.

In fact, according to client reviews, duty free shops in Chicago are a little worse than you can expect from an international airport of O’Hare level. But you can make your own opinion and visit Duty Free before Chicago flights departures.

3) Visit one of O’Hare shops

Some people hate shopping, but the others like to visit various shops – especially those, which are small ones and have some unique image. There are plenty of such shops in the airport, so before entering Chicago O’Hare departure gates, pop into some of them.

In ORD airport there are several book shops, several gift shops and several jewelry shops.

One of the most interesting shops in O’Hare is Barbara’s Bookstores. The book is the best investment – even if you have already bought plenty of them, no doubt, you’ll find one more to your taste here.

In fact, Barbara’s Bookstore is considered as one of places to see in Chicago. It was founded in 1963, and now is co-owned by Hudson Group.

In Chicago O’Hare there are five Barbara’s Bookstores. They are decorated in the same way as other shops of the network all over Chicago. There are pics of Chicago writers hanging in the shop windows. It’s a great place to visit, if O’Hare Airport Chicago departures are delayed or you simply came too early and have some extra time.
If you are not the fan of books, and there’s some extra cash in your wallet, then visit “Spirit of the Red Horse”. The award-winning brand owns a shop at O’Hare Airport. Here the clients can admire – and get – Native American treasures, like the collection of silver coins etc.

O’Hare Before The Departure

There are plenty of other gift shops here, just take a walk along the corridors and pop into some of them.
4) Workout at Yoga Center

The airport is a busy place, and very often the passengers feel uncomfortable there. That’s why Yoga Room can be the best place for those, who need some time to relax and recharge their life batteries.

If you need to calm down before O’Hare flight departures, then visit Yoga Oasis, which is situated at Terminal 3 in the airport. The room for yoga is not big, but it can boast with warm bamboo floor, huge mirrors and soft mats.

It’s up to you to decide, what you will do at Yoga Room – work out, meditate or simply have some rest on the mat.

In any case, you won’t regret about your visit there!

5) Have great dinner at a restaurant

For most of people eating their favorite food and drinking favorite beverages is the best opportunity to have some rest and get some pleasure.

Don’t forget to visit one of the airport restaurants, waiting for O’Hare departures. Here everyone can find the venue to his taste – Berghoff Café for lovers of old Chicago brands, Budweiser Bar for those, who want to refresh themselves with a glass of beer, Burrito Beach restaurant for fans of Mexican cuisine etc.

There are plenty of ideas how to spend the time before O’Hare flight departures. But whatever idea you choose, try to make your time at the airport interesting and memorable. Because you have a chance to stay in a legendary place!

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