What do you feel when you arrive at the airport? Of course, your feelings can be different - depending on your gender and age, state of health, the purpose of your trip and even the amount on your bank account. But in any case you will certainly be impressed by the way the airport is arranged. In USA, there are many great airports, but one of the most popular is Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
Every day thousands of passengers are registered there, get on a plane or arrive, receive luggage, have lunch, wait, make purchases etc. And each time they ask questions. Where should I register? How far can I go into the building of the airport, when I am meeting someone? Etc.
So, let’s speak about Chicago airport and the way it works. Keep on reading, you’ll be impressed!


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  • Wind 1.8 N
  • Humidity 59%
  • Pressure 1018 Pa
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O'Hare Airport (ORD) contact details

  • Chicago O'Hare International Airport
  • 10000 Bessie Coleman Drive
  • Chicago
  • USA
Telephone, fax, email
  • Telephone: +1 800-832-6352
  • Email: aviation@flychicago.com

Chicago O'Hare International Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 456 locations you can fly from John F Kennedy International Airport airport

Interesting fact Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Chicago O’Hare is one of the biggest airports in the world. Even if your trip was not good, you can easily forget about it. Just visit one of numerous O’Hare shops, have a drink in one of its restaurants or even visit a yoga workout at the studio, which – yes! – is blended into all 5 airports terminals too.

Even if you have never been to ORD airport, no doubt, you have already seen its long corridors, the board with O’Hare arrival times and the information desk. Because this airport served as one of locations, where the cult comedy “Home Alone” was filmed.

The budget of the film was quite modest, that’s why the film director Chris Columbus and the producer John Hughes shot each scene at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, although according to the plot, McCallister family visited different airports – in USA, France etc. Do you remember McCallisters running to their plane through a long wavy corridor? Yes, it was O’Hare!

But that’s just one interesting fact about this legendary place. Here are the others O hare airport code .

1) There’s a garden in O’Hare

The airport is so big and has such a great infrastructure, that it can easily serve as a separate city or even state. One of airport sights is a garden, which is grown just there, in Terminal 3.

The aeroponic garden was installed at Rotunda Building in O’Hare. No other airport in the world can boast with such a place of interest.

The plants at O’Hare aeroponic garden grow without soil. The roots of the plants get nutrients during the watering process. This technology is new, but it is becoming popular.

Vegetables, grown in the garden, go directly to the restaurant kitchens in Chicago O’Hare. That’s why dishes are always fresh and tasty there!

2) O’Hare can boast with free kids’ area

There’s great news for parents – O’Hare has a free children playground. Actually, it’s not just a place to play – it’s the museum, where kids can relax, run, jump and know a lot of interesting facts about aviation.

There are no toys in the kids’ area, but there’s something much better – a huge colorful plane. Each kid can feel like a small pilot, staying in the cabin of the plane and making “important” phone calls.

There’s also a cargo area, a luggage check-in area, a puzzle on the wall and many other interesting things, which make your child busy, while you are relaxing nearby.

3) The Airport is 13-time award winner

Of course, to form any opinion about ORD airport, you should visit it yourself. But if you trust authoritative sources, you should know that O’Hare is a multiple winner and nominee of numerous awards. One of the most prestigious is “Best Airport in North America”, which Chicago airport got from a famous travel issue. By the way, ORD got it 13 times every single year!

4) Chicago O’Hare has a free mobile application

Even if you are an experienced traveler, it can be hard for you to find a certain place in this airport – because it’s extremely big. That’s why the airport programmers created a free app, which you can easily upload to your smartphone. The app includes the airport maps, which help the travelers find necessary establishments, such as baggage check-in areas, restaurants, shops etc.

As you see, O’Hare is the place with a long history, lots of services and places of interest. Some of the facts, mentioned above, were useful for you, the others were useless – but even if you are not going to this airport in the nearest future, you should read about this large-scale enterprise.

People also ask

How Does it Work? Guide for Beginners

O'Hare Airport photo

The airport is like a living being that can work precisely as a Swiss watch, as well as it can “hurt” and “fail”. Of course, the work of the airport depends on the efforts of each separate worker. No doubt, in a busy Chicago O’Hare the workers do their best to provide the passengers for the right and quick service. To get on the plane board safely, use our list of steps.
Step 1. Ask for a baggage cart, if necessary
The first people, whom you meet, having just entered the airport, are staff members, who can help you with your luggage. If you have plenty of things to carry – a huge suitcase, a rucksack, an elegant bag and several packages, you can ask for a cart to take your things into the building safely.
When you have already solved your baggage problems, you should find where to go at ORD airport (the other name of O’Hare). To do this you have to find an electronic board, which is not far from the entrance. Find at the board the information about your flight!

You should know, that Chicago O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest in USA. From there people fly to different parts of our planet – to France, Africa, Poland etc. American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Air India, Turkish Airlines and others use the airport in Chicago as their hub. That means that 24 hours a day 7 days per week this place is working. Numerous flights are arranged at ORD every single minute, so you must be attentive to find the information about your flight on the board.
Step 2. Find your check-in counter
After that you must find the check-in counter at the airport. Usually it is not difficult. Just look at the number of check-ins and find that one you need. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask airport staff members.
At the counter you must show documents and air tickets. If you go abroad, you must show an international passport. But if you go to some American city, the US passport is enough. And you should leave your luggage here, at the counter.
Step 3. Pass the necessary inspections
At O’Hare security problem is one of the most important for its staff. That’s why take your time to pass custom inspection. If you fly for the first time from a country, which requires a visa, be ready to stay in a line. If you are a repeated traveler, or you don’t need a visa, then you can pass passport control automatically. And don’t forget about the things that need to be declared, if you have any – gold coins, alcohol, duty-free goods etc.
When the security procedures are passed, you should go to the arrivals hall. And be ready for a flight!

Where Can I Meet Someone in O Hare Airports?

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Each airport looks like an anthill. There are lots of people, who stay in deep armchairs in the waiting hall. The others stay in long queues to the check-in counters and border control desks. Any airport looks like a huge dangerous machine for beginners. It takes time to get used to flights, but it is even harder, when you must meet someone.
At ORD airport such meetings take place regularly. So, if you have to meet someone, you are not the first and you are not the last.
If you need to meet a person with a heavy luggage and you want to help – you can go into the building of the airport, directly to the luggage claim.
Those, who are waiting for their friends or family members, can have coffee at Starbuck’s, which is situated at each Terminal in O’Hare. Thus you can enjoy strong coffee with a hot bun or sandwich, while you are waiting.
If you are meeting a person on business, you can do it yourself. In case if you are busy and can’t meet your guest, you can use a special service “Meeting at the Airport”. As usual, it is offered by each cab company.
If you order it, the taxi driver will come into the airport with the name board and meet your passenger. Remember, you should provide the driver with Chicago O Hare arrival times – thus you can be sure, your guest won’t wait in the airport, holding a heavy suitcase and staying tired or hungry. The driver will help your passenger with the luggage too.

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