Delays (FAA)

Delays (FAA) o hare airport

If you’re wondering about the possibility of your flight being delayed at the ORD, the odds are in your favor, and chances are, your flight will operate right on time!

Statistically, of the nearly 2,500 flights that operate from the ORD daily (more than 70,000 per month), 85.2% operate on time, 13.3% are late, and only a minor 0.2% of the flights are very late and 1.3% are cancelled.

These impressive statistics should put your mind at ease. However, in them possible event that your flight is in fact late, then this just gives you more time to enjoy the many amenities at the ORD!

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

If you have made the right decision to purchase a pass or gain general access to one of the many lounges around the ORD, then this gives you even more time to relax at the lounge, enjoy even more complementary snacks and drinks, indulge more in the luxury buffet that could be offered to you, and so on!

flight is delayed ord airport

If you have not purchased a pass to a lounge, then your delayed flight just bought you more time to tour the wonderful food options that the ORD offers! Numerous cafes and restaurants, from the fast food chains at the food court, to restaurants with fine dining experiences, you can find it all there!

When your taste buds have been satiated and you’re feeling energized, take a walk around all the shops and stores that are available at nearly every floor in the terminals. You can find anything from bookstores to electronic stores and clothing shops. Take your pick and happy shopping!

Note that time goes by faster when you’re having fun, so keep an eye out for the scheduled time of your next flight!