Code, Location and Contact Details

FAA code
America/Chicago (GMT-6)
+18008326352 and +17738949111

General Facts on O’Hare International Airport: Its Code, Location and Contact Details

O’Hare International Airport is one of the largest and busiest in the world. Millions of travelers get to and from here every year. More than 50 airlines use O’Hare International Airport as the hub.

If you are one of those lucky people, who plan the flight through O’Hare Airport, take some minutes to read the following article. It will help you to arrange your trip fast.

Like any other airport in the world, O’Hare has its code.

What is O’Hare Airport Code?

International Air Transport Association, usually shortened to IATA, identifies the airports, located at different places all over the world, by three-letter codes, assigned to them. Chicago O’Hare International Airport also has such code. You can see that code at your ticket, on the luggage, when you get it after a flight, and online, if your order the ticket through internet. Chicago O’Hare airport code is ORD.

Why is O’Hare Airport Code ORD?

O’Hare airport codes can be different, but each time the choice of three letters, which serve as its identification, is not random. As for O’Hare airport code, it got its name from “Orchard Place”. At first, it was the name of a small village, located to the northwest from Chicago. Then rich farmers resided in the village and enjoyed its picturesque views.

During the years of World War II Orchard Place was used as an airfield by the assembly plant, which produced Douglas C-54 Skymaster planes. Then it was renamed for Orchard Douglas Field and had a call name FAA.

When the war was over, the plant left its operations at the airfield. Chicago Federal government made up a decision to build the second airport here (as Municipal Field, now known as Midway Airport, had become overcrowded).

In late 40s Orchard Douglas was renamed after Butch O’Hare, World War II hero. That’s why the airport now is called Chicago O’Hare. But O’Hare international airport code remained ORD (which is taken from ORchard Douglas).

Travelers should know O’Hare code to order tickets online. But mostly the airport code is more important for air traffic controllers and carriers.

O’Hare Airport Location and How to Get There

The official address of the airport is 10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL. It’s not hard to get to Chicago Airport, as well as to get from it to any place of the city and its suburbs.

The cheapest way to get to the place of O’Hare airport location is to use public transportation. The trains Chicago “L”, which belong to one of the largest transit companies in USA, as well as Metra trains, have the stations, placed on the territory of the airport.

The other means of transport, which can take passengers to and from O’Hare airport are shuttle buses. They go every 4-5 minutes and take passengers to Chicago and small towns and villages around it.

For passengers, who have cash in their pockets and are ready to spend it there are taxis, including solid Limos, which can take them to the place of destination.

Lots of car rental companies serve O’Hare, so you can get out of the airport, driving a car.

Travelers, who drove to the place of O’Hare location, can leave the vehicle at one of numerous car parks. Various car parking options are affordable on the territory of O’Hare Airport. Here tourists use hourly car parking, daily car parking, valet car parking and economy car parking lots.

If you are not sure, that you’ll find the right place for your vehicle at the car parking, you can book it in advance.

O’Hare Airport Contact Details

If you have any questions or need some instructions, you can contact O’Hare Airport representatives online. But if you need to speak to its workers in person, then use the contact details. We have already provided you with O’Hare airport address.

If you want to contact O’Hare administration through mail, here’s O’Hare zip code to your disposal. It is 60666.

It’s not so easy to reach O’Hare secretary on phone, but if you want to try – here’s O’Hare airport phone number +1 800-832-6352.

So, use O’Hare airport contact details and stay in touch!