O’Hare Airport Services

Chicago International is traditionally a place full of noise and bustle and lots of people. Owing to shortage of time, it is not easy to find a place where you can relax and breathe, especially during business and family trips. The best way to hide from the turmoil when waiting for a flight is to use O’Hare’s numerous services where the most comfortable conditions of stay are created. It’s all set: the atmosphere of comfort and coziness is combined with excellent infrastructure and friendly staff.

O’Hare Airport Services

Well, then, let’s see what ORD offers you:

  • USO

  • Medical Services

  • Wi-Fi

  • Lounges

  • Family Restrooms

  • Business and Meeting Rooms

  • Chapel

  • Power Stations

  • Art Exhibitions

  • Other Services

The above conveniences create the necessary conditions of the highest comfort even for the most demanding passengers. And now, it’s time to elaborate on that.


Also known as the United Service Organization which takes care of military stuff. It affords emergency care, leisure zones, complimentary drinks, restrooms, Wi-Fi, TV, feedback and of course something to read. The USO has two offices at O’Hare International. One inside Terminal 2 and the other connected to Terminal 3.

USO in Terminal 2

Location: Mezzanine Level, pre-security.

Working hours: 24/7

Phone number: (773) 686-7396

USO in Terminal 3

Location: Mezzanine Level of the Rotunda, Concourse G, post-security.

Working hours: from 6:00am to 10:30pm daily.

Phone number: (773) 601-9500

Medical Services

Health care at ORD is represented by the Urgent Care Clinic. Its mission is to treat anyone who asks and make a specialized in-depth diagnosis of diseases under stationary conditions without appointment.

service ord airport

Location: Terminal 2, ticketing level. Near the Kids on the Fly exhibit and Travelers Aid Office.

Working hours: from 8.00am to 5.00pm (Monday – Friday) and 9.00am to 5.00pm (weekends and holidays).


Of course they have Internet at Chicago O’Hare. And it’s almost free. The key word here is “free”. But let us clear it up: the gratis Wi-Fi is available only during the first 30 minutes, but you can get the premium service with full access for a token payment.


A lounge means a big room at the airport equipped for a long stay of passengers. As a rule, The Airline Lounges Service creates an enabling environment to fares who belong to various airline clubs. In spite of this, ordinary comers are allowed to experience a peaceful and lovely atmosphere there.

Locations: Lounges are situated in all terminals. Below a full list of clubs is provided.

  • United / Continental / Lufthansa (United Club)

Terminal 1 – Gates B18 and C16 (provisionally out of service)

Terminal 2 – Gate F9

Phone numbers: 866 822 5827 (Lounge), 866 825 3016 (Conference Room).

  • American / JAL / Iberia (Admiral’s Club)

Terminal 3 – Gates G8, K6/H6, and L1

Phone number: 800 237 7971

  • Delta (Sky Club)

Terminal 2 – Gate E6

Phone number: 800 221 1212

  • Executive Center

Terminal 3 – Gate K6/H6

  • American Flagship Lounge

Terminal 3 – Gate K20

  • United Club

Terminal 1 – Concourse B, beside Gate B18

Terminal 1 – Concourse B, beside Gate B6

Terminal 1 – Concourse C, beside Gate C16 (provisionally out of service)

Terminal 2 – Concourse F, opposite Gate F9

  • AirFrance / KLM (Air India, Royal Jordanian, Alitalia, Etihad Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, VIP Access Lounge, Priority Pass customers)

Terminal 5 – Gate M7

  • Korean Air

Terminal 5 – Gate M7

  • British Airways First Lounge (Cathay Pacific)

Terminal 5 – Gate M12

  • British Airways Terraces Lounge (Aerlingus, Cathay Pacific Airways)

Terminal 5 – beside Gate M12

  • SAS Lounge (Asiana Airlines)

Terminal 5 – Near Gate M15

  • Swiss International / Austrian Lounge

Terminal 5 – Gate M8

  • Swissport Lounge (Hainan Airlines, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Finnair, Priority Pass customers)

Terminal 5 – Between Gates M7 and M8.

Family Restrooms

It’s great when travelling families, especially big ones have a separate place to have a rest before getting on a plane. In this respect, Chicago International in not different from other airfields as it also keeps sundry family restrooms within the terminals.


Terminal 1: Gates B4, B10, C20 and at the Baggage Claim area.

Terminal 2: Across the Children’s Museum, Gate E5 and in the Baggage Claim area.

Terminal 3: Gates G11, H14, H3, K1, L5, at the Rotunda and at the Baggage Claim area.

Terminal 5: Near the Security Checkpoint and the Food Court Area.

Business and Meeting Rooms

Such accommodations are used mostly for particular occasions, for instance business meetings and conferences. In the territory of O’Hare Airport there are several business and meeting rooms and all of them can be found in Hilton Hotel and in the following lounges: Admiral’s Club and United Club.

See the detailed info below.

Hilton Hotel

Location: business rooms are placed in the lower arcade level of the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel.

Phone number: 773 686 8000

Admirals Club (American Airlines / JAL / Iberia)

Location: Terminal 3 – Gates G8, K6/H6, and L1

Phone number: 800 237 7971

United Club (Continental / United / Lufthansa)

Location: Terminal 1 – Gates B18 and C16 (provisionally out of service), Terminal 2 – Gate F9.

Phone number: 866 822 5827 (Lounge), 866 825 3016 (Conference Room).


The chief role of the chapel is to help a person to escape from the usual fuss of this world. It’s where you can talk to God. In fact, chapels are often found in airports, and there, people usually pray for a successful flight. ORD has the O’Hare Airport Chapel, which is a quiet spot against a background of noisy airfield.

Location: Mezzanine level of Terminal 2, above Delta Air Lines ticketing and close to the USO (pre-security).

Power Stations

O’Hare International can boast of having the so called power stations that let comers charge their devices. And that’s all completely free. In addition, a virtual concierge will speak to you in 8 languages. “He” will give you the needed information on all that airport stuff, like transportation, hotel, weather, schedules etc.

Art Exhibitions

It must be one of the most interesting parts here. O’Hare Public Art Program definitely has something to show you. Paintings, sculptures and even examples of the aeroponic system of gardening (it’s when plants grow without soil) are waiting for you at ORD. This is a wonderful opportunity to kill time when waiting for a flight.

Other Services

They include:

  • Shops

  • Restaurants

  • Business offices

  • Yoga centers

  • Beauty parlors

  • Barbershops

  • Spas

  • Sports centers

All of the above services have been created for a pleasant and comfortable stay of anyone who passes through O’Hare.