Food options at the Chicago O’Hare Airport ORD


With the ORD being the one of the busiest airports not only in the country, but also in the entire world, it is no surprise that the food options are extremely varied. These options are meant to cater to the tens of millions of people who pass through the airport every year, coming from every corner of the world, each with their unique taste buds.

The variety also extends to those with dietary restrictions for whatever reasons, whether for cultural/religious, health, or moral reasons. The O’hare restaurants cater to everyone!

O’Hare Terminal 1 food options

The Terminal 1 is a domestic terminal that houses many passengers traveling within the United States. These passengers get to enjoy a whole range of food options from cafes with prepackaged foods to dine-in restaurants and even convenience stores.

FOOD ord airport terminal 1

The O’Hare Terminal 1 food options include:

  • Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless
  • Berghoff Café
  • Goose Island
  • Reggio’s Pizza Express
  • America’s Dog
  • Garrett Popcorn Shops
  • Manchu Wok
  • Zoots Café
  • Fresh Market on the Go
  • Smoothie King
  • Great American Bagel
  • Galileo’s
  • Vosges Haut-Chocolat
  • Salad Works
  • Nuts on Clark

O’Hare Terminal 2 food options

The Terminal 2 is also a domestic terminal that welcomes millions of travelers within the country. These travelers can find their favorite restaurants from well-known fast food chains to foreign cuisines.

The O’Hare Terminal 2 food, bar include

The O’Hare Terminal 2 food, bar include:

  • Skybridge Restaurant and Bar
  • Summer House Santa Monica
  • Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap
  • Connect to Chicago
  • Farmer’s Fridge
  • Hot Dog Express
  • Carry-Out Carry-On
  • Chicago Style Hot Dogs
  • La Tapenade Mediterranean Café

O’Hare Terminal 3 food restoran

The final domestic terminal on the list is Terminal 3. This terminal is home to major airlines operating within the country, and thus sees millions of visitors yearly, and the food options at this terminal cater to each and every one of them.

O’Hare Terminal 3 food restoran

The O’Hare Terminal 3 food options include:

  • Publican Tavern
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill
  • Gold Coast Dogs
  • Clubs Bar and Grill
  • Rush Street
  • Burrito Street
  • O’Briens Restaurant and Bar
  • BJ’s Market and Bakery
  • ICE Dishes and Drinks
  • Skyscrapers
  • Bubbles
  • TCBY
  • Prairie Tap
  • B-Smooth
  • Green Market
  • Facades Bar
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • Brioche Doree
  • Cibo

O’Hare Terminal 5 food options

O’Hare Terminal 5 food options

The Terminal 5 is the international terminal at the ORD. It welcomes millions of visitors leaving and coming to the United States. And with such a wide variety of visitors, the available food options perfectly express the diversity.

The O’Hare Terminal 5 food options include:

  • Wicker Park Seafood and Sushi Bar
  • Hub 51
  • R.J. Grunts Burgers
  • Beaudevin
  • Wow Bao
  • Big Bowl Chinese Express
  • Urban Olive Mediterranean Table
  • Tocco
  • Metropolis Coffee

O’Hare Airport food court and lounges

The food options at the ORD extend beyond the usual cafes, restaurants, and pubs. Passengers may enjoy the varied food options at the food courts, the premium food offered at the luxurious buffets in the lounges, the prepackaged food and snacks at convenience stores and supermarkets.

The comfort and convenience can be expected at every step at the ORD, with the food options excelling in that regards.