The Best Hotels Near O’Hare International Airport: Let Them Care About You!

Let’s start our talk from something enjoyable. You’ve just landed at Chicago Airport. O’Hara met you with its usual fuss, with smell of coffee from Starbucks, and with fragrance of expensive perfume – many of them are sold in Duty Free here.

And immediately you ask yourself, how to get to the city. There is a standard option for travelers – a taxi, which costs about $30-40 to get from O’Hara to the center of Chicago. Such a ride usually takes 30 minutes and depends on traffic jams.

But there are a lot of hotels near O’Hare. If you don’t want to spend your time for getting from ORD airport to any other point in Chicago, then it’s the best choice for you. But what hotel is the greatest?

Hotels Near O’Hare International Airport

Most of the travelers don’t think too much about hotels. And that’s right. You’ve come here just for a couple of days or weeks, and very often you have a busy schedule. That’s why it is not so important, where you’ll sleep, take a shower and probably, have a fast snack.

That’s why travelers simply go to and pick up the hotel there – according to its price and the number of facilities.

There are lots of hotels near Chicago O’Hare presented at this site. However, from personal experience, Booking is not always the best idea.

First of all, to demonstrate their rooms at this site, hotels must pay. It means that most of cheap hotels near O’Hare Airport won’t be there at all. Otherwise, they can offer some rooms – but usually hotels show luxury suites for tourists at Booking. And keep for personal use economy class rooms. It does not matter, if you are a money bag or a movie star, and extra one-two hundred dollars is a nuisance for you. However, for those who plan to save some cash – Booking is not the best idea.

In addition, in spite of the system of reviews at Booking, some hotels have “unpleasant surprises” for their visitors. Quite often, having arrived with a heavy luggage, you hear the words “we are just cleaning (repairing something) in your room”, “for today we offer you another room” etc.

So, when choosing a hotel, first of all read about it – as much as possible.

We will tell you about several O’Hare hotels – to help you make a choice.

Hotels by O’Hare – Let’s Get a Little Closer

Hotels are different, but in any case you love them. To live at least a few days out of home –and every morning watch an unfamiliar view out of the window, then sleep on sheets, which are different from yours, and drink coffee, made not by you – it’s like getting a chance to live another life.

That’s why you should put 100% of efforts to choose the right hotel. If you choose it properly, your “someone else’s life” living experience will be a real gift for you. In other case, it will be a punishment.

For those, who want to be sure in their choice, the best option is good old Hilton.

1) Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport

We like this one more than other O’Hare hotels, in spite of scandalous reputation of Paris Hilton (the granddaughter of the owner) and her failed attempts to become an actress.

Hilton Chicago O’Hare is just one of the worldwide network, that’s why you may have already known its service – if you stayed at another Hilton.

In addition, Hilton is situated just 400 m from the building of the airport. It’s not hard to get there.

Night here costs about $200-$250 (the prices are given approximately; you should know the exact cost while booking).

For that amount you’ll get the cozy room with soundproofed windows, 42-inch flat-screen TV set and a desk with a comfortable chair – in case you need to put your laptop somewhere or look through the papers.

Anytime you can order food and drinks into the room or use mini bar.

There are several restaurants in the building of the hotel, so you can have a glass of noble wine at “Andiamo” or eat a delicious dinner at “Gaslight”.

Most Hilton visitors give positive reviews as for Hilton O’Hare. They tell that it’s the best Chicago O’Hare hotel with a friendly staff and comfy rooms.

But there are some clients, who are not content with its service, naming the hotel “too expensive” and “too noisy”.

If Hilton doesn’t look attractive for you, then choose Sheraton hotel.

2) Sheraton Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel

This hotel is situated a little further from Chicago O’Hare than Hilton. It is located about 3 km away from the airport building. But the hotel administration offers a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel door. Once you get here, you can immediately enjoy free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby.

Each room at Sheraton Chicago O’Hare airport hotel can boast with a fridge and a modem TV set with a flat screen. It’s possible to order food and drinks directly into the room.

There’s a restaurant and a lounge bar in the building of the hotel. Waiters are fast and friendly here, and chefs cook delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most of the visitors rank Sheraton as an upscale hotel. But some mark such drawbacks as too slow work of the waiters (probably, because the staff is not complete) and boring dishes in the menu for quite high prices.

The night here costs approximately $150.

3) Crowne Plaza hotel Chicago O’Hare

Hotels have become an inevitable part of living for many people around the world. Humans are constantly traveling – on business, with education purposes or on vacation.

But whatever the purpose of the client trip is – this person hopes to stay in a comfortable hotel

– clean, warm and beautiful.

Crowne Plaza hotel Chicago O’Hare makes visitors immediately fall in love with it. Many of its clients become regular. “I’ve been coming here for 14 years. GREAT service people!” Juward from Runnells, Iowa writes.

Crowne Plaza is located in Rosemont, opposite Stephens Convention Center not far from O’Hare International Airport. The hotel has 24/7 business room and premises, suitable for various events and meetings.

The rooms are clean and equipped with flat-screen TV sets and desks.

To have breakfast or dinner, you may go to the hotel restaurants “Chicago Fire Oven” and “On the Fly”.

This hotel is one of cheap hotels near O’Hare Airport. Night here cost about $120.

Hotels Near O’Hare with Free Parking

Those, who travel with a car (or have rented a car in the airport), care about one more thing – parking. Most of the hotels have car parking zone, but to leave your vehicle there will cost you a pretty penny.

Such hotels near Chicago O’Hare as “Aloft”, “Embassy Suites”, “Loews” and some others offer car parking to their clients, but for some extra fee. There are not so many hotels at O’Hare airport, which offer free car parking.

If you are interested in this option, pay attention to Hyatt Rosemont hotel service. It offers 21 days of free parking.

In fact, Hyatt has become the favorite place to stay not just for vacationers, but also for businessmen. Glamorous comfortable rooms can boast not just with beautiful views, but also with comfortable working area.

The clients can have dinner in their room or go out and spend a pleasant evening in one of hotel restaurants.

For those, who want to work in a lobby, there’s free fast Wi-Fi. In addition, the business centre is located in the building of the hotel – for important meetings and events.

The clients, who lead healthy lifestyle, can have a workout at fitness center.

Most people give positive reviews to Hyatt Rosemont.

Another hotel near O’Hare airport is “Country Inn & Suites by Radisson”. The price, which you’ve paid for the hotel room, includes free shuttle to O’Hare airport and free car parking for 7 days.

In addition, the administration of the hotel boasts with fast free Wi-Fi and cozy rooms, suitable for family rest. There’s also a library, where the dedicated readers can lend a book.

The other hotels Chicago O’Hare, which will care about your vehicle for free, are “O’Hare Inn & Suites” and “Quality Inn O’Hare Airport”.

As you see, traveling is always a good idea. But the trip will be good only in case you’ll choose the right hotel.

Very often hotel clients don’t have any special needs. They just want to stay in a warm bath and then take a nap in a quiet room. All this – and even much more- is provided by the personnel of O’Hare hotels. Let them care about you!