Volaris Airlines

Arrivals Terminal:
Volaris is a low-cost airline company that is based in Mexico. It is even one of the largest airline companies in its native country.
And since it is an international airline, it is expected to be greeted at the terminal that handles international flights, which is Terminal 5. That is exactly the case, even though it may occasionally change for one reason or another.

Departures Terminal:
For passengers departing from the ORD on board Volaris, they should expect to find the check-in desks and the gates at Terminal 5 as well.
But because this is subject to change thanks to external reasons, it is best to double-check your flight information while making travel arrangements.

Volaris Airlines ord airport

Volaris flies to nearly eight destinations form the ORD, mainly to different cities in Mexico.
Mexico City, Mexico, is the fifth busiest international route from the ORD, and it is in part operated by Volaris.
To inquire about Volaris flights arriving at the ORD, click here. Regarding Volaris flights departing from the ORD, press here.

Volaris is, at the time being, not a member of any alliance of airlines. However, it often forms codeshare agreements with other airlines to facilitate the process of codesharing flights with one another.

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