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Arrivals Terminal:

Spirit Airlines is an American ultra-low-cost carrier that is known for its competitive prices and wide range of destination options.

The ORD is one its many domestic destination, and passengers of this airline should expect to be greeted at Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is one of the three domestic terminals, (1, 2, and 3), with the last terminal, called Terminal 5, being the international terminal.

And due to the fact that this airline may often arrive from other destinations, the passengers may oftentimes expect to find themselves arriving at Terminal 5 of the ORD.
These uncertainties call for a need to find out exactly which terminal your Spirit flight will be arriving at. It is often recommended and advisable to do so to better plan for your trip through this large airport.

Departures Terminal:

Similar to the Spirit Airlines flights arriving at the ORD, the ones departing from it should also expect to find their check-in desks and gates at Terminal 3.
In some cases, this is subject to change, and this is why you should always find out this information before you head to the airport.

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Spirit Airlines is known for its reach and its large number of destinations, so it is not a shocking when we find out that it travels to well over twenty destinations from the ORD aloe. In fact, of the ten busiest domestic routes from this airport, Spirit helps operating nearly nine of them!

Internationally, the third busiest destination from the ORD is to Cancun, Mexico, and it is also partly operated by Spirit.

This great influence of Spirit on the airport is partly due to the fact that it serves as a focus city for it.

To find out all the information you need about your Spirit flights arriving to the ORD or departing from it, head on over to the official O’Hare travel inventory that can be found here.


Spirit Airlines is not a member of any particular alliance, and it only occasionally forms partnerships with other airlines for the codesharing of flights.

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