JetBlue ord airport

Arrivals Terminal:
JetBlue is an American airline company that operates many flights within and outside the United States.
At the ORD, the terminals are divided based on the types of flights and airlines that they serve. The first three terminals, termed terminals one through three, serve domestic flights, while the last one, deemed Terminal 5, serves international flights.
As JetBlue mostly operates domestic flights, it arrives at the one the first three terminals, namely at Terminal 3 and Terminal 2. Occasionally, however, and especially with the possibility of codeshare flights, JetBlue flights may arrive at Terminal 5.

Departures Terminal:
As explained earlier, Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 are the main terminals through which JetBlue flights operate them. And in some instances, the flights may leave from Terminal 5, especially if they are codeshare flights.
This is the reason why it is always best to check beforehand which terminal your JetBlue flight will be leaving from. Knowing these details beforehand allow you have a smoother trip through the airport and avoid unaccounted for lost time.

JetBlue ord airport

JetBlue operates flights to and from multiple cities in the United States from the ORD. Most importantly, the airline travels to Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, New York, with the former being amongst the top ten domestic destinations flown to from the ORD.
To find out more information about your JetBlue flight either arriving to or leaving the ORD, feel free to check out the flight inventory here. You can search flights through the flight number, the airline, or just the destination.

It is important to note that although JetBlue is, at the moment, not a member of any airline alliance in the world, it does have codeshare partnerships with other airline companies.
There partnerships allow it to extend its reach to over a hundred destinations worldwide. Currently, the companies with which JetBlue mainly partners with at the ORD are American Airlines, Etihad Airways, ad Qatar Airways.

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