Arrivals Terminal:
Frontier Airlines is one that is very popular in the American market and beyond. This airline is known for offering ultra-low-cost flights with high standards and quality.
And although the airline is based in the United States, it travels to several international destinations. And because of that, the Frontier flights arriving at the ORD generally arrive at Terminal 5, which is the terminal that is designated to serving international flights.

Departures Terminal:
The rules are similar when it comes to Frontier flights leaving the ORD as they also operate from Terminal 5. There are some exceptions, however, which is why it is always best to check where your Frontier flight will be leaving from, ahead of time.

Frontier Airlines ord airport

As mentioned earlier, Frontier operates several flights from the ORD, both within and outside the United States.
Domestically, Frontier mostly travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida. These destinations are actually among the top ten most popular domestic destinations from the ORD.
Internationally, Frontier flies from the ORD to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, and to Cancun, in Mexico. The latter is the third most common international destination from the ORD.
To find out more information about your Frontier flight leaving the ORD, you can head over to this page here. For more details on your Frontier flight arriving at the ORD, press here.

Frontier Airlines chooses not to be a member of any alliance at the time being. Thus, it currently does not codeshare flights with other companies at the ORD.

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