Emirates Airlines ord airport

Arrivals Terminal:

Emirates Airlines is the flag carrier airline company of the country of the United Arab Emirates. It is based in Dubai, U.A.E, and it travels to hundreds of destinations. A common and rather popular destination of this airline in the United States is the ORD.

As this airline is an international one, it is greeted at the terminal that handles such airlines and flights, which is Terminal 5, also deemed the international terminal.
In case your Emirates flight happens to be a codeshare flight, then you will find that your flight is arriving at Terminal 3 instead.

Departures Terminal:

The situation of the departing Emirates flights is similar to that of the arriving ones, in that the departing flights also operate from Terminal 5, the international one. In some instances, Emirates flights may depart from Terminal 3. This is mostly the case with codeshare flights.

Emirates Airlines ord airport


While most of the Emirates flights leaving the ORD head over to Dubai, a significant portion of them head over to different destinations instead.

If you have an upcoming flight from the ORD on board Emirates Airlines, then it may be advisable to check the flight inventory to discover all the information and details necessary about your flight. You may also check the same information about your Emirates flight arriving at the ORD. The flight search can be done here.


Emirates Airlines is currently not a member of any airline alliance. Instead, this company chooses to individually sign partnerships with different airlines. These partnerships allow it to have codeshare flights.

At the ORD, Emirates codeshares flights with JetBlue Airways mainly.

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