British Airways ord airport

Arrivals Terminal:

British Airways, as its name implies, is a British-based airline that is the flag carrier of its native country. As it is an international airline, the arriving flights of this airline land at Terminal 5, which is the terminal that deals with international flights.

There is a possibility, however, that the British Airways flight could be a codeshare flight being operated by another airline. In this case, the flight could arrive at Terminal 3 instead of Terminal 5.

Departures Terminal:

The same concepts apply to British Airways flights departing from the ORD. The majority of the time, your flight will leave from Terminal 5. Yet, with some exceptions being at play, the flight may leave from Terminal 3.



British Airways operates many different flights from the ORD. Mainly, however, it travels to its main destination city, which is London. In fact, the busiest international route from the ORD is towards London Heathrow International Airport, in London, England. Well over a million passengers take this route yearly.

To find your British Airways flight in the inventory of flights at the ORD, click here, where you can learn all the details you need about your upcoming flight.


British Airways is part of the OneWorld alliance, which connects it to other airline companies all across the world. At the ORD in particular, it mainly operates codeshares flights with Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Finnair, and Iberia.

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