Arrivals Terminal:

All Nippon Airways, also known as ANA, is an airline company that is based in Japan.

As it is an international airline, the flights of All Nippon mostly arrive at the terminal that serves international flights, which is Terminal 5.

Due to the possibility of codeshare flights being operated by different airlines, then your All Nippon flight may arrive at Terminal 1 at the ORD, or even at Terminal 2.
With the uncertainty involved, you may opt to check which terminal your flight will arrive at, ahead of time.

Departures Terminal:

Although All Nippon is an international airline operating mostly international flights, it does sometimes operate domestic flights.
For this reason, amongst others, your All Nippon flight is mostly expected to leave from Terminal 1. If not from Terminal 1, then it should leave from Terminal 2.

All Nippon airport ord


The flights operated by All Nippon are mostly to Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, and to Tokyo Narita International Airport. The former is actually the tenth busiest international route from the ORD.

However, this airline does also operate some flights within the United States from the ORD. in fact, it operates nearly 36 different routes from the ORD, which is considered amongst some of the most.


All Nippon is a proud member of the Star Alliance. Its membership with this alliance allows it to codeshare flights with other companies. At the ORD, the codesharing of flights mainly occurs with Uited Airlines.

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