Arrivals Terminal:

Alaska Airlines is a major airline company that mainly operates within the United States. As it is an American company operating domestic flights, it is expected to be welcomed at one of the domestic terminals. And that is exactly the case.

The passengers of Alaska Airlines should expect to step foot in Terminal 2 upon arrival at the ORD. It is also possible for the flight to land at Terminal 3, but Terminal 2 is more common for this airline.

Both of the terminals mentioned above handle domestic flights.

Departures Terminal:

When it comes to departing flights of Alaska Airlines from the ORD, the passengers should also expect to head on over to Terminal 2 to find their designated check-in desks and gates.

If your flight will not be leaving from Terminal 2, then expect to find it leaving from Terminal 3.

Find out which terminal at the ORD your Alaska Airlines flight will be leaving from in order to save some valuable time at the airport.

Alaska Airlines ord airport


In regards to flights, Alaska Airlines is one of the major airlines that operate the busiest domestic route from the ORD. This route is to Los Angeles, California, and it is taken by over a million passengers yearly.

To get more information about your Air Alaska flight arriving at the ORD, press here. For similar information concerning the departing flights, click here.


Alaska Airlines is a member of the OneWorld alliance, which allows is the great opportunity to codeshare flights with other companies. This is beneficial for all the parties involved, and it is common practice amongst alliance members.

At the ORD, Alaska Airlines codeshares flights with American Airlines and Qatar Airways mostly.

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