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Arrivals Terminal:

Air India is the official airline company of its native country of India. It is definitely one of the largest airline companies in the region as well.

As it is an international airline, it is welcomed at the terminal that handles such flights, which is Terminal 5.

This is, however, not set in stone, and for one reason or another, your flight may land at a different terminal. Thus, to be better prepared, find out all the information you need about your Air India flight arriving at the ORD ahead of time.

Departures Terminal:

Just as is the case with the arriving Air India flights, the departing flights of this airline also operate from Terminal 5, the international terminal.

You are bound to encounter great restaurants, cafes, lounges, and other amenities at this terminal. However, if you would like to move around between different terminals, you would be glad to find out that inter-terminal transportation is both simple and quick.

Air India map ord airport


Of the thousands of flights that the ORD operates each and every day, one of the top twenty most popular destinations is to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, in New Delhi, in India. This trip is mainly operated by Air India.

To access the ORD flight search, click here. You can search for your flight through the usage of the flight number, the airline, or even just the route.


Air India is a member of the Star Alliance, which is the largest airline alliance in the whole world. Being a member of the alliance allows this company to codeshare flights with other companies, extending its reach even more destinations.

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