Arrivals Terminal:

Since Air France is the national airline of its home nation, it is regarded as an international carrier. As a result, it is cordially welcomed at Terminal 5 of the ORD, which oversees all international flights.

Your Air France flight to ORD is anticipated to land in Terminal 2 if it is a codeshare flight, which means it is run by a different airline.

For these reasons and more, you should find out in advance where you are expected to be when you arrive at the ORD.

Departures Terminal:

Similar to case of the arriving flights, the departing Air France flights also operate from the international terminal, more commonly known as called Terminal 5. And again, if the flight will be a codeshare flight, then expect it to depart from Terminal 2 instead.

To ensure that your trip through the ORD runs smoothly, and that you have enough time to enjoy the restaurants and other amenities at the airport, then better plan for your trip and find out which terminal exactly you should be heading to.



Find out more details about your flight by clicking on the relevant links below if you want to correctly organize your travel to the ORD and save some valuable time:
If your flight with Air France is arriving at the ORD, then press here.

And if your Air France flight is leaving from the ORD, then click here.


Your Air France flight will always be operated by either Delta Air Lines or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines when it is a codeshare flight at the ORD. This partnership with Delta explains why the airplane may land or take off from a terminal other than the one used for international travel.

This ability to codeshare flights is made possible through the SkyTeam alliance that these airlines are members of.

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