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Arrivals Terminal:

Although this airline is the flag carrier of the country of Canada, it is usually not greeted at the international terminal at the ORD, but at one of the domestic terminals.
Most commonly, your Air Canada flight will arrive at Terminal 2 at the airport. In some cases, it may arrive at Terminal 1, or even Terminal 5, the international terminal, at times.

Due to the fluctuations that are expected, inquire about which terminal at the ORD your Air Canada flight will arrive at, beforehand.

Departures Terminal:

Upon departure, you can expect your Air Canada flight to also depart from Terminal 2. In some instances, such as in the case of a codeshare flight, your flight may depart from Terminal 1.

Find out which terminal you should be heading to ahead of time for a smoother trip though the airport.

Although, if you do find yourself at the wrong terminal, you can easily commute to your designated terminal through the inter-terminal transportation shuttles.


Air Canada operates two of the most common international destinations that flights from the ORD fly to. The destination that actually holds second place on the list is the Toronto Pearson International Airport, and the other is the tenth place on the list, and it is the Vancouver International Airport.

You can find out more information about your Air Canada flights, or just about any flights, leaving the ORD or arriving at it, here. You can also sort out the flights based on airline, destination, flight number, and so on.


The largest alliance of airlines in the world is the Star Alliance, and it just so happens that it is the alliance that Air Canada is a proud member of. Being a member of such a large alliance allows the company to extend its services and destinations far and wide. It also allows for codeshare flight agreements to occur between airlines.

At the ORD, Air Canada codeshares flights mainly with United Airlines and Lufthansa.

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