Arrivals Terminal:

As the name suggests, AeroMexico is a Mexican airline company that is actually the flag carrier of its country. As it is Mexican, the flights of this airline arrive at the international terminal at the ORD, also known as Terminal 5.

In the few cases in which the flights of AeroMexico are codeshare flights run by different airlines, your flight may arrive at Terminal 2 of the ORD. The concept of a codeshare flight is commonplace amongst airline companies and is not particular to AeroMexico.

As some variation is often expected in the arriving flights of this airline, it may be best to inquire about this information ahead of your arrival at the ORD. This helps you better plan your trip and understand what to expect upon your arrival.

Departures Terminal:

When it is time for your AeroMexico flight to depart from the ORD, you will most likely find your gate and check-in desks at Terminal 5, also known as the terminal that handles international flights.

As mentioned in the Arrivals’ segment, if your flight is a codeshare flight, then it may depart from Terminal 2 instead.

Again, do find out this information beforehand to not only better plan your trip through the airport, but also to better plan your trip to the airport itself. This information is especially useful if your plan on parking your car at an ORD parking space, as parking as close as possible to your terminal is more convenient.

AeroMexico flights


AeroMexico operates flights to the fifth most common international destination from the ORD, which is to Internacional Benito Juarez in Mexico City, Mexico.

To find out more information about your AeroMexico flights leaving the ORD, click here. And for the same information on the flights departing from the ORD, press here.


AeroMexico is a member of the SkyTeam alliance that allows it to operate codeshare flights with other companies. At the ORD, this collaboration mostly takes place alongside Delta Air Lines.

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